Step by step installation & configuration NetApp 9.6 (ONTAP)

 NetApp ONTAP System Manager (previously called as OnCommand System Manager) is single spectrum ONTAP tool to manage your storage across architectures.

Login to vCenter -> Select Cluster Name -> Right Click or Click on Action -> Select Deploy OVF Template

Select Local file -> click on choose files

Select NetApp .OVF file -> Open

Click Next

Give Virtual Machine Name -> Select Datacenter -> Next

From Compute resource select ESXI host -> Next

Click Next

Select Storage  -> Select Virtual disk format thin provision  -> Next

Select Network from the list

Click Finish to start deploy.

Right click and power ON

Type Yes for start configuration

Press enter without entering anything ->

Enter IP Address for Management interface ->

Press Enter to setup cluster or you can use GUI to setup

Type Create if you want to create new cluster or type join if you want to join existing one.

Type Yes if you want to create single node cluster

Enter admin password

Enter cluster name

Enter License key or press enter to skip it latter through GUI you can enter

Enter port Name e0c

Enter IP address for cluster management interface

Enter DNS Name and DNS IP -> Press enter

Enter Login ID and Password

Use Cluster IP to access console -> enter user name (admin) default account


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