What is CIFS Protocol-: Common Internet File System (CIFS) is a network filesystem protocol used to provide shared access to files and printers between machines on the network. A CIFS client application can read, write, edit and even remove files on the remote server. 

CIFS client can communicate with any server that is set up to receive a CIFS client request.
NetApp ONTAP CIFS protocol  Enable 
Before enabling CIFS, NFS or other protocol on NetApp ONTAP you need to enter license

Login to ONTAP using cluster IP 

Click on Storage -> SVM

Select pre created SVM -> SVM Setting

Select CIFS to enable

Select  CIFS ->  Save and close 

Click on setup

Note-> Before setup any protocol on SVM LIF should configure In case it is not configured you shall receive below error.

The Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) does not have any data LIF configured for CIFS protocol. Create data LIFs before configuring the CIFS server.]

To configure LIF please follow below How to create LIF

Enter NetBios Name
Enter Domain Name
Enter User Name of AD join account
Enter password

Click Setup

Now use LIF IP to access network folder (I had configured in LIF)


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