ESXI host connect with Vcenter server step by step 6.0

Hi Friends,

Here I am going to share some steps that will be required during ESXI host add in Vcenter 6.0.

I have one Vcenter server with pre-installed application

IP Address:-
HostName :-

Two ESXI host pre-installed ESXI on both node

IP Address:-
IP Address:-

One Domain server with server 2012 R2:-

IP Address:-
Host Name:-

One Client with Server 2012 R2:-

IP Address:-
Host Name:-

On client machine you need to first install Vcenter client setup file using setup file.

1. Once the setup will install one shortcut key will appear on the desktop
2. Double click and open it and enter Vcenter server host IP, User ID and password as below and click on login.

3. When you will click on login next page will be as below.

4. Click on Host and cluster.

5. Select Vcenter server Name and Right click and select new Data canter

6. Now click on Add host

7. Enter ESXI Host IP ESXI User ID and password as below

9. Click Yes button
10. Click next button here Virtual machine is showing because I have already created in ESXI host

11. Enter license key or select evaluation version

12. Click on Enable Lockdown Mode if you want your ESXI to lock.

13. Click twice next and finish

14. You can see the recent task here ESXI is getting attach with ESXI host.
15. ESXI status showing disconnected because process is on going
16. Now configuration has completed 100 %

17. Now ESXI host connection is showing connected after 100 % task completion

18. Above are the VM list i.e Cloned VM, Test VM and Win 7

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