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How to create Dashboard in VMware Aria Operation for log for Login and Logout user session

Login to VMWare Aria Operations for Logs

Click Explore Logs

Select time slot

Click ADD Filter

Display query as text -> Drop down and select event_type -> Contains -> Event ID (I have given both event id for session login and logout)

Click on the search box, now you will see the events generated for login and logout session, like below.

Now click on right side three dots ->Click Add to Dashboard

Now go to Dashboard you will see newly created Dashboard

Create Symptom Definition & Alert if Snapshot is older than XXX Days in VMware Aria Operation

A Symptom Definition allows the administrator to describe a situation that is NOT normal within a given environment. vROPs come pre-configured with many symptom definitions that are set to values which are a good starting point for “most” environments.

Create Symptom Definition & Alert if Snapshot is older than 60 Days VMware Aria/ vRealize Operation

Login to vROPS console

Under Configuration -> Alert -> Symptom Definitions

Click Add

Select Base object, Symptom type 

Now create Alert definition

Under Configure -> Alert -> Add -> Give Alert Definitions Name

Base Object Type-> Drop down vCenter -> Virtual Machine

Click Next

Select Symptoms

In filter Type Symptom Name that you have already created and want to integrate with Alert Definition –:  Drag and drop in Symptoms/Conditions


Recommendation -> Select the recommendation 

Next -> Select Policies

Click Create

Check Network Utilization on Physical Interface using vROPS VMWare


Generate Physical Interface Network Utilized Report in VMWare using vROPS 

You may refer to this step if you are getting packet drop issue in all VMs
under same VMWare infra.
and there is no issue with physical connectivity or Network driver.

Also you may trace maximum network traffic utilized by the VMs.

Click on Object Browser under Environment

Click integrated vCenter from Object browser -> Expend Select datacenter or cluster

Click Metrics -> Click calendar  and select the date & time range

Click Metrics > Expend it

Click Network -> Physical and click on Usage Rate

In the right-side next page, you will see usage in graph 

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