PowerShell Script to automate ESXI host add to vCenter | NTP configure | DNS configure | Place host into maintenance mode

#PowerShell script to automate ESXI configuration part post new ESXI deployment


$vCenter= Read-Host "Enter vCenter Name"

$VCCred = Get-Credential

#Add ESXI Host

$ESXI1= Read-Host "Enter ESXI host Name"

$ESXICred= Get-Credential


$String= $ESXI1

$String.Substring(0,$String.Length-12) | Out-file 'C:\temp\output.txt'

$Prop= Get-Content -Path 'C:\temp\output.txt'


#Connect vCenter 

Connect-VIServer -Server $vCenter -Credential $VCCred


#Collect Datacenter details 

$Datacent= Get-Datacenter


#Prompt for to enter Datacenter Name, enter here short name inside *.........*, 

$DCM= read-Host "*Enter DC shortname Name inside both*"


# String to remove extra character from DC that we are typing manually


$NTP.subString(1,$DCM.Length-2) |Out-file 'C:\temp\DCName.txt'

$DCName= Get-Content -Path 'C:\temp\DCName.txt'


Add-VMHost -Server $vCenter -Name $ESXI1 -Location $DCM -Credential $ESXICred -Force



Get NTP Server details




# PowerCli command to COllect NTP server details from existing Datacenter >host

Get-Datacenter | Where-Object {$_.Name -imatch "$DCName"} |Get-VMHost |Where-Object {$_.Name -imatch "$Prop"} |Get-VMhostNTPServer |Out-file 'C:\temp\NTPServer.txt'

$NTPServer= Get-Content -Path 'C:\temp\NTPServer.txt'



Get-Datacenter |Where-Object {$_.Name -imatch "$DCName"} |Get-VMHost |Out-File 'c:\temp\VMhost.txt'

$NTPHost= Get-Content -Path 'C:\temp\vmhost.txt'



#PowerCli command to add existing NTP server details into new ESXI host

Add-VMHostNtpServer -NtpServer $NTPServer -VMHost $ESXI1 | Where-Object {$_.Name -imatch "$ESXI1"}


# PowerCli command to Collect DNS Name, DNS IP, SearchDomain

Get-Datacenter | Where-Object {$_.Name -imatch "$DCName"} |Get-VMHost |Where-Object {$_.Name -imatch "$ESXI1"} | Get-VMHostNetwork | Select-Object DomainName, SearchDomain, DnsAddress |Out-file 'C:\temp\NetInfo.txt'


$NetInfo= Get-Content -Path 'C:\temp\NetInfo.txt'



# PowerCli Command to add DNS Address, SearchDomain

$vmHostNetworkInfo = Get-VmHostNetwork -Host $ESXI1


Set-VmHostNetwork -Network $vmHostNetworkInfo -DnsAddress '','' -SearchDomain temp.ads.com -DnsFromDhcp $false



#Put ESXI host into maintenance mode


Set-VMHost -VMHost $vmhost -State "Maintenance" 

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