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failed to connect to the NFS shared folder X.X.X.X:/volume/XXX: gateway or NFS server/shared folder may not be available

If you are seeing below error while mounting NFS repository in Veeam backup & Replication server using Proxy VM.

Make sure you have given access to initiator (source machine) of NFS folder.

Also check the network connectivity incase if you are using gateway server to mount the NFS then make sure gateway server is able to reach both VBR and NAS device.

Make sure there is no network latency between VBR, proxy VM and NAS device.

you can try to map NFS folder in proxy VM directly then try to mount in VBR server.

failed to connect to the NFS shared folder X.X.X.X:/volume/XXX: gateway or NFS server/shared folder may not be available

What is Veeam Instant Recovery and step to recover VM using Instant Recovery

With Instant Recovery to VMware vSphere, you can immediately recover different workloads (VMs, EC2 instances, physical servers and so on) as VMware vSphere VMs. Instant Recovery to VMware vSphere can be helpful, for example, if you want to migrate your infrastructure from one environment to another, or you want to recover your infrastructure in a matter of minutes but with limited performance.

During recovery, Veeam Backup & Replication runs workloads directly from compressed and deduplicated backup files. This helps improve recovery time objectives (RTO), minimize disruption and downtime of production workloads. The workloads are recovered in a matter of minutes.

When you perform Instant Recovery, Veeam Backup & Replication mounts workload images to a host directly from backups stored on backup repositories. This means that Veeam Backup & Replication creates fully functioning “temporary spares” with limited I/O performance. To provide full I/O performance, you must migrate these "temporary spares" to the production site.

Steps to restore Cluster node using Instant Recovery

Login to Veeam Backup & Replication

Home -> Backups -> Disk
Select the job Name -> Right click Select Instant Recovery

Change the Restored VM Name if you don’t want to overwrite.

Host: Click choose to change host Name.

Select Network and click Choose.

Click Next

Click Next

Click next

Don’t click on connect Network and Power ON target VM once restore.

Once Restoration complete


Home -> Go to Instant Recovery -> Quick Migration

Follow the instruction and select the Host, Resource Pool, VM Folder and Datastore

Follow the instruction.

Click Next

Click Next

Select Delete source VM files upon successful quick migration and click Finish..

Configure SQL Server transaction log Backup in Veeam & Backup Replication

 I have created backup job using Create Backup Job In Veeam Backup & Replication and added both SQL node that is member of MS cluster and AG.

POC01 & POC02

Select Existing created Job Backup-SQL-AG

Right click and Edit -> Go to Virtual Machine and verify both nodes are added or not.

Go to Guest Processing
Check Mark on Enable application-aware processing

Click Application

Select VM one by one and click Edit
Click on SQL -> Check mark on Backup logs periodically (requires simple recovery model)
And set the time to run SQL Server transaction log back on every *** Minutes.
Also, if you may decide to keep SQL Server transaction log backup for how long time
Check mark on Retain log backups, like Until the corresponding image-level backup is deleted or keep only last *** days of log backups.

Add Guest OS credentials, make sure you have local Administrator access as well as Sysadmin at SQL level.

Click Test now to check the credentials that you have enter is correct.
No apply and Finish.
Once the backup will complete go to Disk under Backup and you will see SQL Server transaction log backup has also taken along with full backup.

One-time full backup will run, and SQL T log backup will run in every 5 Minutes

Step to enable NFS service, create NFS shared folder and give access to mount NFS shared folder in Veeam backup and Replication using Synology NAS device.



Step to enable NFS service, create NFS shared folder and give access to mount NFS shared folder in Veeam backup and Replication using Synology NAS device.



Click on File Services


Click File Services -> NFS -> Enable NFS service.

Maximum NFS protocol: Drop down and select the version NFSv3.



Click Advanced Settings and configure the policy based on our requirements.


Step to create Shared Folder and enable NFS sharing.

Click File Sharing -> Shared Folder -> Create.


Under General

Name-:   Give folder name.

Description-: Description


Check mark on below highlighted.

Advanced -> Check mark on Enable shared folder quota.



Add local or Domain users and give access based on requirements.

Add initiator host IP/subnet to allow access to mount NFS folder.




Restore Files and folders, NTFS Permission only using Veeam Backup & Replication

 Open Veeam Backup & Replication

Home -> Backup -> Disk

Select File Server Job Name -> Right click on Job Name

Select Restore guest files -> Microsoft Windows

Select the Restore Point

Click Next and follow the instruction -> Browse

Mounting the drives

Select the folder that you want to Restore

Right click on the folder -> Restore (If you want to overwrite the restore files and folders)

Else click on Restore to (If you want to restore files and folder on different location)

Note-: You may also restore Permissions only using the Veeam Backup & Replication.


Schedule back with Excluded disk in Veeam Backup and Replication 12

Once you configure a job with an excluded disk, the excluded disk will not participate in backup.

If still, you want to configure the excluded disk in the restore VM then you can attach the disk from vCenter level.

Edit the VM property and add the existing disk, but before doing this you need to capture the existing disk path.

I have already created a backup job, you may refer Create Backup Job in Veeam Backup and Replication 12 to create a backup job.

Now I am going to modify the Backup Job that I have created.

Right Click on the Job -> Click Edit

Go to Virtual Machines -> Select the Virtual Machine

Click Exclusions

Select VM click on Edit

Select the Disk that you want to Exclude

Once done click Finish

Create Backup Job In Veeam Backup & Replication | Backup Job in VBR


Create Backup Job in Veeam Backup and Replication 12


I am creating a job to schedule backups with default configuration.

In the later document I will schedule backup with excluded Drive and also,

how to take SQL Transaction log backup.

How to create backup Job SQL server of SQL server Using Tlog

Open Veeam Backup and Replication

Click Home -> Job

Right Click on Backup under Job -> Backup -> Select the backup type that you want to configure

like Virtual Machine, Windows Computer or File Share

I am going to configure Virtual Machine -> Give the Backup Name that you want to configure.

Click Add -> Expend the vCenter from the list and Select the VM that you want to take Backup

Or simply Type VM Name and Search, you will see list of the VMs containing the Name

Select the VM from the list and click Add

Click Next

Select the Backup Repository where you want to keep your backup

Also set the Retention policy to keep full backup longer for Archival purpose

You may configure GRF Retention Policy as well to Keep Weekly Full backup for how long time

Then click next

Click next and Configure the Job Schedule

Click Apply

If you want to run backup job on scheduled Date and Time, then click finish without check mark on 

Run the Job when click Finish

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