NetApp ONTAP root volume is low on space

 CRITICAL: This node is not healthy because the root volume is low on space

(<10MB). The node can still serve data, but it cannot participate in cluster

operations until this situation is rectified. Free space using the nodeshell or

contact technical support for assistance.

To fix root volume low space error on NetApp ONTAP you can delete created Snapshot on root volume using below command

cluster> node run local

node> snap delete -a vol0

node> vol options vol0 nosnap on

node> ctrl+D

cluster> reboot

Enter below command to delete Snapshot-:

snap delete -a vol0

Type Yes to confirm for deleting Snapshot.

Enter below command to set no Snapshot on Volume -:

vol options vol0 nosnap on

Press CTRL+D

Type reboot and press enter to reboot the NetApp ONTAP

Once NetApp ONTAP  will come up post reboot login with Admin and check the status.

Error message should disappear from console.

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