Citrix PVS Reverse Imaging on Target Device from a Virtual Disk to a Local Hard Disk


Citrix PVS Reverse Imaging 

We do reverse imaging when you want to update vDisk, VMTool, OS or drivers. To update Citrix target devices it is not mandatory to do reverse Image but you can do it’s up to you.

How to do Reverse Image

Login to PVS server 

Select the vDisk which vDisk you want to do reverse image

Change vDisk Access mode from Standard to Private

Assign vDisk to master target device

Change boot mode from vDisk to Hard Disk

Now go to XenCenter

Select master device 

Add new HDD more than actually vDisk size (In my case current size of vDisk is 24GB we can assign new disk of 25 GB)

Select Storage click Add

Assign new disk size and name

Now go to Master disk image properties

Select Boot Option 

Change boot order 

Select boot from Network

Now power on the master device, this time it will boot from local disk not from vDisk.

Once OS will load go to Disk management

Newly added disk you shall see like below, don’t format the disk at this moment

Go to C drive \Program file\Citrix\Provisioning Services

Select P2PVS and run it

Select from Citrix Provisioning vDisk 

To this machine

Click next

Format the disk 

Click Convert

Wait for to complete the vDisk conversion

Now the vDisk conversion has done

Now boot the machine and do the changes that you want to do at OS level, i.e Windows update, VMtool update or driver install.

Once changes done at OS level again you need to 

Now login to PVS server or where you have installed Provisioning Service Imaging Wizard and launch it

Enter the PVS site address

Select Create vDisk

Enter Target device Name, it should be different then existing one.

Enter vDisk Name and select vDisk type

Select Image entire boot disk

Click Edit optimize and do the changes that you want

Change the configuration as per your requirement-> Click Ok

Click Create

Now vDisk creation is completed.

Now change the master target device boot mode.

Set it to boot from Network

Boot the server

Now vDisk creation and copy completed

Now shutdown the Master target machine

Go to PVS server

And open Provisioning service console

Click vDisk pool. Now you will see newly created vDisk

Now right click on newly created vDisk -> Go to Properties 

Change from Access mode from Private to Standard mode.

Now Power on the target device and this time it will boot from network.

Now go to PVS Provisioning console 

Go to vDisk pool -> Right click on newly created or locked vDisk 

Select vDisk usage to see which target device is using vDisk

Now all done Thank you!

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