How to create bulk Machines in Citrix PVS using streamed VM setup wizard

How to create bulk Machines in Citrix PVS using streamed VM setup wizard

First of all you need to prepare one machine using all the prerequisite software and install Citrix provisioning target device software and export image and create vDisk

You can follow below link for Citrix target device software installation and image export.

Now convert one VM to template in XenServer.

Now login to Citrix PVS server

Open Citrix provisioning console

Make sure you have already added Hypervisor host 

Now right click on Site (In my case Bihar is my PVS site)

And click streamed VM setup wizard.

Click next

Enter Citrix Hypervisor Name



Port 80

Click Next

It will detect Virtual Machine template from XenServer

Click next

Select vDisk that you create during image export.

Drop down and select the collection where you want to create these VMs

Give VM number:-4

Assign vCPUs: - 2

Assign memory:-2048

Click next

Select Computer account option like create new or import

Dropdown and select domain: -

Select OU

Give account naming schema ## is number start from 0

Click next 

Click finish

Now all 4 devices have created. 

Click done

Now go to device collection -> ITDemo_2K16 and you will see newly created VMs

Also go to XenCenter and you will see all newly created VMs.

Now you can power it on publish on Citrix..

I will cover it in next document.




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