Citrix Provisioning 2109 Installation and configuration step by step


Requirement for Citrix Provisioning 2109 installation and configuration

1. Domain Controller (Already configured DHCP & DNS on

2. SQL server – (Already installed and configured on

3. PVS Server (For Console Installation, Server Installation & License server Installation) –

4. Target device –

Login to DHCP server and configure both point 066 & 067

Open DHCP expand Scope -> Go to Scope Options 

Right click on Scope Options -> Click Configure Options


Select point 066 and assign PXE boot server Name. In my case I am using a PVS server for PXE boot.

Now select point 067 to assign file Name for PXE boot ARDBP32.BIN.

Now login to PVS server

Mount Citrix provisioning application on PVS server “” to complete Console Installation and Server Installation

 Select Console Installation

Console installation will start

Once Installation will complete click Restart

Once server will back login to the server and launch Citrix Provisioning Setup

Click Server Installation

Click Install

Click Next

Click I accept and Next

Click next

Click next

Click Install

Now installation has completed

Once you will click Finish one pop up will come to install Citrix Console

Click Okay and do the configuration

Check mark on the service that runs on another computer (In My infra I have configured DHCP on my Domain controller server, in case if you have configured DHCP on same PVS server then keep it default)

Choose the option for PXE Services, in my case I am running PXE service on the same PVS server that you can see in DHCP configuration.

Select Create farm or use existing farm

In my case there is no existing farm so I am selecting Create farm

Enter Database server name –

Instance name -:  Give the name if you have already created or click next for let it create auto

TCP port-:  1433 

Enter Database Name: -

Farm Name: - DEMO

Site Name: - BIHAR

Collection Name: - Collection

Select use Active Directory group for security

Assign Name and path for Store

Enter License server Name

License server port

Uncheck validate license server communication: - In my case there is no License server that’s why I am unchecking.

Select Use network service account or Specified user account if you want to run it with a separate account.

Check mark to Automate computer account password within selected days

Select Network card for streaming and Management

In my case I am using single NIC for both Streaming and Management

If you are using PXE boot from the same server then check mark on Use the Citrix provisioning TFTP service or browse and assign the path for ARDBP32.BIN file.

Click next and add Stream server IP if you have different one

Click Next

Enter My Citrix user details to submit error details online else leave it.

Below is the final configuration details

DHCP - The service that runs on another computer

PXE - Install Service

Database Server = DATABASE\

Farm = database:DEMO

Site and Collection = BIHAR, Collection

AD Group =

Store and Default Path = Store, C:\PVSStore

License Server:Port = DEMOPVSDC:27000

User Account = Network Service Account

Computer account password changes every 20 days

Communications - First Port = 6890, Last Port = 6909

Console - Soap Port = 54321

NIC - Selected IP =

Management NIC - Selected IP =

TFTP - Install Service

File = C:\ProgramData\Citrix\Provisioning Services\Tftpboot\ARDBP32.BIN

Stream Service - Server IP, Server Port, Device Subnet, Device Gateway, 6910,,

Click Finish

Now Installation completed.

Now launch Citrix Provisioning Configuration wizard

Now go to Target Device server and launch Citrix Provisioning setup

Select Target Device Installation

Click Target Device Installation

Click Finish

Once installation will complete it will ask for reboot the server.

Reboot the server and again launch Citrix provision installation setup wizard

Select Target device installation

Accept license agreement and click next

Click Next

Click install

Check mark on launch imaging wizard and click finish to start Image wizard

Or you can launch later.

Or you can launch Imaging Wizard from start menu

Click next

Enter PVS site IP or name -> click next

Select create a vDisk -> Press Next

Enter Target device name: it should not be existing one

vDisk Name: Enter vDisk Name 

Select vDisk type Dynamic VHDX/VHD

Select Volume licensing type. In my case I am not using any types of license server

Chose entire Image boot disk or custom 

Click on edit partition size to assign new size that you want to copy

Click optimization settings, if you want to customize else select do no optimize and click next

Click Create

Click continue once status will change to successful

It will ask to reboot the machine but before rebooting it you need to change the boot setting using below screen.

Before reboot the server, change server boot option

Next boot with network -> Apply Ok

Click yes to reboot the machine,

Once the machine comes online, login to the server.

Auto setup will start to copy files, it will take time to complete copy process.

Launch Citrix Provisioning Console from PVS server

Right click and select connect to Farm

Enter PVS server Name or IP address to connect with Farm -> Click connect

Now the new Farm has connected also you can see new vDisk WIN16-vDisk has been created.

Click on Device Collection to see live machine that is using vDisk

Now right click on Hosts and select add new host -> Next

Select Hypervisor -> In my case I am using Citrix Hypervisor -> Click next

Enter Hypervisor Name

Enter Hypervisor IP and port

Enter Username and password 

Click on Verify connection.

If connection verification is OK, click next


Click finish

Thank you all done for installation and configuration of PVS 2109

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