Create Delivery group in Citrix 7.9 Step by Step


Create Delivery group in Citrix 7.9 Step by Step

To create a Delivery Group we need to first create a machine catalog and before creating a machine catalog we need to deploy machines.

Login to DDC server 

Open Citrix Studio -> Select Delivery Group

Right click on Delivery Group -> Create Delivery group

Click Next

Select the machine catalog that you want to assign in delivery group

In my case I am selecting DEMOVDI that I created recently.

Choose the number of machines for this Delivery group

Add Users or group names here to whom you want to allow access.

As I am doing for testing purpose so selecting here Domain admins

If you want to publish an application from here, Click Add and publish application as well but in my case I am not publishing application from here.

Click next.

Click next

Enter Display name that will show when you will launch Citrix storefront web console

Check mark on Enable desktop.

Click next

Enter delivery group name

Click finish

Now newly delivery group has been created.

Now launch Citrix  StoreFront and login with user ID  & Password 

Newly created Delivery group DEMOVDI is showing here.

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