Create Symptom Definition & Alert if Snapshot is older than XXX Days in VMware Aria Operation

A Symptom Definition allows the administrator to describe a situation that is NOT normal within a given environment. vROPs come pre-configured with many symptom definitions that are set to values which are a good starting point for “most” environments.

Create Symptom Definition & Alert if Snapshot is older than 60 Days VMware Aria/ vRealize Operation

Login to vROPS console

Under Configuration -> Alert -> Symptom Definitions

Click Add

Select Base object, Symptom type 

Now create Alert definition

Under Configure -> Alert -> Add -> Give Alert Definitions Name

Base Object Type-> Drop down vCenter -> Virtual Machine

Click Next

Select Symptoms

In filter Type Symptom Name that you have already created and want to integrate with Alert Definition –:  Drag and drop in Symptoms/Conditions


Recommendation -> Select the recommendation 

Next -> Select Policies

Click Create

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