Amazon S3 bucket Mount as Performance and Capacity Tier Storage Repository and Scale-Out Backup Repository.


Amazon S3 bucket Mount as Performance and Capacity Tier Storage Repository and Scale-Out Backup Repository


Login to Veeam Backup Server -> Backup Infrastructure


Click Add Repository


Click Object Storage



Click Amazon S3



Click Amazon S3


Give the Storage Repository Name -> Click Next


Account -: Click Add to enter Access key ID & Secret access key.

Connection Mode -: Direct


Click Next


Data Center -: Select the nearest Datacenter.

Bucket-: Type the Bucket Name that Amazon team have shared.

Folder-: Browse and create folder under Bucket.

Check mark on Make recent backups Immutable and set the date for the same.

Check mark on Use infrequent access storage class (May result in higher cost if you will use in 30day Infrequent)



Click Next

Mount Server: - Specify the mount server.

Change the Instant recovery write cache folder if needed or let it be on default setting.

Check mark on Enable vPower NFS service on the mount Server.



Click Next



Click Apply

Now S3 bucket has been mounted in Backup Repository.









Scale-Out Backup Repository-> We use SOBR to setup performance, Capacity and Archival Tier.


To Scale-Out Backup Repository.

Go to Backup Infrastructure -: Click Scale-Out Backup Repository


Give Scale-Out Backup Repository Name


Click Next


Performance Tier -> Click Add and select Primary Tier that you want to use as Performance Tier.




Click Next

Capacity Tier -: Check mark on Extend Scale-Out backup repository capacity with object storage.

Click Choose and select to second tier that you are going to use as capacity tier.


Note-: Based on your requirement you can set whether you want to copy or move your backup file to object storage or not.

1.       Check mark on Copy backups to object storage as soon as they are created.

2.       Move backups to object storage as they age out of the operation restore window.

3.       Encrypt data uploaded to object storage.



Click Next

Archive Tier -: Check mark on Archive GFS full backups to object storage.

Click add the Object storage that you are going to use as Archive Tier.

As this is POC environment so we are not going to keep backup data for so long time so not need to setup Archive Tier.



Click Apply and Finish.


Now Scale-Out Backup Repository has created.








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