Create Volume in NetApp

NetApp Volume -: Volumes are data containers that enable you to partition and manage your data. ... Data ONTAP efficiency capabilities, compression and deduplication, are supported for both types of volumes. Volumes contain file systems in a NAS environment, and LUNs in a SAN environment. Volumes are associated with one Vserver.

Before creating volume you need to create Aggregate and SVMs.

To Create Aggregate

To create SVMs you can use below link

Click Volume under storage -> Create 

You will see two types for Volume creation.
Flex Volume and Flex Group

What is Flex volume in netapp?

A FlexVol volume is a data container associated with a Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) with FlexVol volumes. It gets its storage from a single associated aggregate, which it might share with other FlexVol volumes or Infinite Volumes. It can be used to contain files in a NAS environment, or LUNs in a SAN environment

What is a netapp FlexGroup?

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A FlexGroup volume is a scale-out NAS container that provides high performance along with automatic load distribution and scalability. A FlexGroup volume contains several constituents that automatically and transparently share the traffic. FlexGroup volumes provide the following benefits: High scalability.
Create FlexVol

Select SVM and continue

Enter Volume Name
Select Aggregate
Assign Total size
And click create



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