Create Qtree in NetApp ONTAP

Qtree ->A qtree is a logically defined file system that can exist as a special subdirectory of the root directory within a FlexVol volume. You can create up to 4995 qtrees per volume. There is no maximum limit for the storage system as a whole. You can create qtrees for managing and partitioning your data within the volume.

To create Qtree in NetApp you need to create Aggregate, SVM and Volume. you can use below link.

To create NetApp Aggregate

To Create NetApp SVM

To create NetApp Volume 

Login to ONTAP using cluster IP

Click Qtree under Storage

Select SVM where you want to create Qtree and Click Create

Enter Qtree Name
Volume  -> Brows and select volume from SVM

Select Security Style NTFS/UNIX

Click Quota assign space usage limit 

Uploading: 13111 of 13111 bytes uploaded.

Check mark on Activate the Quota -> Activate


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