Set default homepage and startup page in Chrome and Microsoft Edge | Windows 10 Workgroup Machine

 Set default homepage and startup page of Chrome and Microsoft Edge in windows 10 workgroup machine

If you want to set the homepage and startup page in Windows10 that is part of domain member then it is possible but if you want to apply same thing in workgroup machine then it won’t work.

To apply the homepage and startup page in Google chrome you can use an alternate method. Once you set the homepage and startup page using this method it will apply to all local users and all local users will be able to open the same homepage.

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

Right click on Google Chrome -> Properties 

Shortcut -> Target -> Enter homepage URL name at the end of file path “ ………………………………

Apply and Ok

Do the same with Microsoft Edge and apply Okay

Remove existing shortcut from desktop and taskbar and

Use below link to apply same window tiles and taskbar for all users 

or create new shortcut from start menu 

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