Cisco UCS Dynamic Pinning Overview

 Cisco UCS Dynamic Pinning Overview

Dynamic Pinning

This is the default pin group setting. In dynamic pinning, Fabric Interconnect automatically binds server vNICs to uplink FI ports. The mapping of server vNICs to uplink FI ports depends upon the total number of active uplinks configured, which could be either 1, 2, 4, or 8 (for older 6100 series FIs, uplinks could only be 1, 2, and 4).

Failure Response in Dynamic Pinning

Both Fabric Interconnects are in Active/Active mode with respect to Ethernet data traffic movement. Each server is pinned to a single Fabric Interconnect uplink port or port channel. This means that the data traffic from some servers will move using Fabric Interconnect A and for other servers using Fabric Interconnect B.

In case of a northbound uplink or port channel failure where a server is currently pinned to, the server connection will be automatically pinned to another port or port channel on the same Fabric Interconnect. In case of a complete Fabric Interconnect failure, the server will be automatically pinned to any uplink port or port channel on the second Fabric Interconnect provided that the Fabric failover is configured for the vNIC. The Fabric Interconnect will update the northbound switch about this change using Gratuitous Address Resolution Protocol (GARP).

The dynamically pinned server vNIC uplinks are automatically rebalanced after 300 seconds to distribute the data traffic load on both Fabric Interconnects.

No user configuration is required for dynamic pinning. If no static pin groups are configured, dynamic pinning will be automatically used. Dynamic pinning is the recommended configuration and static pinning should only be used for business use cases.

Login to UCS manager

From left side select LAN

Go under the Policies -> select vNIC Templates

Right click vNIC Templates and select create vNIC template

Name-: Type template name

Select enable failover

Redundancy -: Select as per your requirement

Click Okay

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