What is Cisco Intersight? Steps to connect Cisco Intersight with USC Manager/ HyperFlex

 What is CISCO Intersight?

Cisco Internight is a cloud operations platform that consists of optional, modular capabilities of advanced infrastructure, workload optimization, and Kubernetes services. Cisco Intersight infrastructure services include the deployment, monitoring, management, and support of your physical and virtual infrastructure.

How to connect CISCO internight with USC Manager/ HyperFlex 

Go to internet browser

Open below link


Login with Cisco id or SSO 

If you are login first time then you will receive below message

Click create an account

Accept the license

Enter Account Name (A-Z 0-9)

This is welcome page

Click Admin

Click Claim a new target

Now login to UCS manager console

Select Admin and from drop down select Device connector

Click turn on to generate Device id and claim code

Now go to Cisco intersight

Click Admin -> claim a new target

Select the application that you want to connect from list

Click start

Enter device ID and claim code

Click claim

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  1. Cisco Intersight™ is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) hybrid cloud performances platform that brings intelligent automation, greater visibility simplified operations, and optimisation to organisations operating from classical cloud-native or hybrid IT groundwork.


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