ESXI PowerShell command to Automate ESXI configuration

 # Prompt for vCenter password

$VCCred = Get-Credential

$vCenter = Read-Host "Enter vCenterName"

#$targetVC =

#Connect vCenter 

#Connect-VIServer -Server $vCenter -Credential $VCCred

$DataCenter1= Read-Host "Enter Datacenter host"

#$datacenter = Get-Datacenter "Demo_DC"

#Prompt for ESXI

$ESXI = Read-Host "Enter ESXI hostName" 

$ESXICred= Get-Credential

#Connect ESXI host

Connect-VIServer -Server $ESXI -Credential $ESXICred

# Add NTP server details

$NTPServer=Read-Host "Write NTP server details"

#Add-VmHostNtpServer -VMHost $esxi -NtpServer servername

#Add-VMHostNtpServer -VMHost $esxi -NtpServer

Add-VMHostNtpServer -VMHost $ESXI -NtpServer $NTPServer

# Create Datastore

$DataStore= Read-Host "Volume Name"

#Storage Device path

$DevicePath= Read-Host "Enter Storage device path"

#New-Datastore -VMHost $ESXI -Name $DataStore -Path mpx.vmhba0:C0:T1:L0 -VMFS -FileSystemVersion 6

New-Datastore -VMHost $ESXI -Name $DataStore -Path $DevicePath -Vmfs -FileSystemVersion 6

# To update Domain name, prefered DNS and SearchDomain

$vmHostNetworkInfo = Get-VmHostNetwork -Host $ESXI

Set-VmHostNetwork -Network $vmHostNetworkInfo -VMKernelGateway -DomainName -SearchDomain -DnsAddress -DnsFromDhcp $false

#Add host to vCenter

Add-VMHost -Server $targetVC -Name $ESXI -Location $DataCenter1 -Credential $ESXICred -Force

#Enable Storage IO Control

Set-Datastore -Datastore $DataStore -StorageIOControlEnabled $true

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