PowerShell Scirpt for Vsphere


To import the PowerShell modules for VMware from PSGallery

# To search for all vmware modules

Find-Module -name vmware.*


#Most important modules

Install-module -name vmware.powercli

install-module iname vmware.vim*


#Update the installed modules

Update-Module -name vmware.*


#Connect vCenter/ESXI in powershell

Connect-VIServer -server (vCenter, ESXI Name/IP)


#Get VM details (Name, powerstate, cpu, memory) on specific host 

Get-vmhost -name | Get-VM

#Check the VM powerON state

Get-vmhost -name | get-vm | Where-Object {$_.PowerState -eq "poweredON"}

# Command to check all VM deployed on VC or ESXI host


# Get  the  Snapshot created VM list 
Get-VM | Get-snapshot

# Get  the  Snapshot created VM list less than 60 days

# Get  the  Snapshot created VM list greater than 60 days

Get-VM | Get-snapshot | where {$_.CreateDate -gt(Get-Date).AddDays(-60)}

# Get cluster detail


# Get host details in cluster

Get-cluster | get-vmhost

Use below script to get host details inside the cluster.

Connect-VIServer -server
$cluster = Get-Cluster
$cluster | Get-VMHost

Command to Get list of the VMs inside the Cluster

 Get-cluster | Get-VM

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