Steps to create Virtual Network in Nutanix and Virtual Network Services flow Virtual

Virtual Networking allows you to create completely isolated virtual networks that are separated from the physical network. You can do multi-tenant network provisioning with overlapping IP addresses, self-service network provisioning, and IP address preservation. Best of all, these isolated virtual networks provide security by default.

Open Nutanix Console using cluster IP

Click on drop down -> Select Network

Once you click Network tab you will see list of the created network and Network assigned to which VMs.

How to create a Virtual Network in Nutanix. 

To flow the traffic within the Nutanix infra or outside we need to create a Virtual network and assign it to VM.

Steps to create Virtual Network in Nutanix

Click on drop down & Select VM

Click on Network Config

Click on User VM Interfaces -> To create network interface for VM

Give network Name and & vLAN ID.

If you are creating virtual network in your Lab environment and you don’t have vLAN to configure then you can give vLAN ID 0


Click Save.

To assign the network interface for VM

Select VM and click -> click Update

Select Add New NIC

Drop down and select the NIC

Full network tutorial

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