Steps to Change vCenter Server FQDN | vCenter FQDN Rename Step By Step

 For prerequisite  follow below VMware KB article

  1. Prepare Infra level configuration

Current VCSA FQDN -:

Current VCSA IP       -:


Create new DNS host record keeping the same old IP

Update both A and PTR records and run nslookup to see DNS is resolving DNS name correctly.


Once DNS level configuration complete and everything is resolving correctly

  1. vCenter level 

Now go to vCenter prerequisite like taking backup, create clone or snapshot

Make sure you are taking backup and cloning vCenter server for roll back plan

Open VAMI console using 5480 port 

Login with root account

Go to networking -> check the existing configure hostname and IP

Click Edit

Select the correct NIC assign to Management, usually we keep NIC 0 for Management traffic

Change Hostname and DNS 

I changed from to

Click Next

Enter administrator@vsphere.local user ID and password

Click next

Acknowledge and click Finish

Once service will restart the VAMI page you need to reconnect.

Login with root password in VAMI page

Wait for to restart all the services and complete the process

Refresh the page or re-login 

Use the new URL to access vCenter UI link


  1. please make a notes on Site Recovery Manager and MDS and Brocade zoining both Hard and Soft zoining


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